• Master recordings
  • Sync
  • Original score and composition for film and television projects
  • Soundscaping
  • Publishing from existing and new artists
  • Publishing from scores and composition of original film & television projects
  • Soundtracks

The common standard has traditionally managed income streams from recording and publishing as two separate and distinct business entities.

At Helium our belief is that recording and publishing income is simply two sides of the same coin.

Rogue Nation Publishing has been established to run in simpatico with Helium Music Co in order to exploit and derive income from both master recordings and publishing.

Helium’s stated objective is to create a value chain of music, be it through master recordings with either full publishing or publishing splits from our roster; exploitation of same in the sync markets and from Helium Pictures via commissioning original scores, composition and sound scoping along with commercially released soundtracks.

Given Helium uniquely sits at the crossroads of music and pictures, there’s a fertile opportunity to create and build a catalogue/library of quality repertoire which (over time) will have significant commercial value. As a result, Rogue Nation Publishing becomes a business within a business.