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In 1989, Fast Forward captured the imaginations of the couch-potato generation using the simple, familiar device it was so aptly named after.

And now in 2023, We Interrupt This Broadcast will provide the same familiarity to a modern audience: the click-mad content addicts.

A NEW SKETCH COMEDY SHOW from one of Australia's most prolific and proven comedy producers — We Interrupt This Broadcast gives the audience familiarity by sending up their favourite shows.

It's irreverent, occasionally absurd, but accessibly draws its comedy from the familiar — those water-cooler shows that everyone's been watching —creating a family-friendly sketch show with an unlimited scope for parody.

Featuring 30-40 sketches per hour, this is fast-paced and laugh-out-loud TV. Everything is up for grabs — Antiques Roadshow, SAS, MasterChef, Married at First Sight, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Crown, Squid Game, and much more.

Each sketch focuses on lampooning the wide world of content — from the biggest TV shows of car-crash reality to big budget drama. It also takes on advertising campaigns, promotional spots and YouTube stars.

Not nasty, mean, or pointed, it's all done with a love and reverence for what it's lampooning — we love Bridgerton, therefore we must do it with whitegoods: Welcome to the romance of Fridgerton.

Featuring a core cast of the greatest young comedic minds today, including Greg Larsen, Ben Russell, Christie Whelan Browne, Adele Vuko, Duncan Fellows, Bjorn Stewart, Bridie Connell and Michelle Brasier. Plus an array of the best established comedy talent in Australia in special guest roles across the series.