Helium Pictures

6 Festivals

Bucket-listing 6 music festivals over 6 months before they lose one of the crew to brain cancer, 3 best friends in their mid-teens are helped by an up-and-coming artist to face the reality from which they’re running.

An accessible, celebratory and aspirational story on the coming of age at some of Australia’s leading music festivals with cameos and songs from Australia’s leading indie acts. Featuring themes of young female empowerment, self-expression and rebellious youth — it has the authenticity and power to speak directly to the audience it depicts.


  • Theatrical Release: Bonsai Films
  • Platform: Paramount+
  • Writer/Director: Macario De Souza
  • Producers: Shannon Wilson-McClinton/ Michael Wrenn/ Jade Van Der Lei/ Macario De Souza
  • Executive Producer: Mark Fennessy
  • Production: Hype Republic/ Invisible Republic/ Superlative Pictures/ Helium Pictures
  • Partners: Screen Australia/ Sony Music